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TEG Dainty presents

Not Too Deep

A virtual event series.

During a time in which artists and fans can't connect physically, we're connecting them virtually—simulating the live show experience complete with exclusive content, curated conversation, interactivity, and professional production.

Not Too Deep is a professionally-produced virtual event series that touches on the themes, topics and questions that make up the modern zeitgeist.
Born out of an unprecedented situation that thrust the world into an extraordinary state of uncertainty, NTD connects Australian fans with some of the world’s most interesting and insightful people as we all collectively search for ways to adjust and thrive.
Our mission is to continue to present global talent, compelling stories, exclusive content, and topical & interactive discussion to fans—all from the comfort of their living room.

Value proposition

This virtual event series facilitates access to international talent and their live show content during a time in which they can't physically travel, and Australians are unable to attend shows at venues. 

Professionally produced and carefully curated, show content is exclusive, topical, of high quality, and includes an audience Q&A segment—these factors, combined with the popularity of the talent, elevate this offering above other free online content and make it worth the investment from fans.

Furthermore, with a cheaper ticket price and the usual geographical constraints removed, this mode creates an opportunity to reach and service more consumers than ever.

The structure

The Not Too Deep virtual event series comprises three core content streams

Australian True Crime: LIVE

We will work with Australian True Crime podcast to bring interesting and unusual guests to their fans on a monthly basis.

International high-profile talent

Each month we will present a key thought leader alongside a popular local figure who will act as the host/moderator. The conversation will centre on a topical theme and include a Q&A segment. There will be a charity element woven into this offering. 

Local talent

We will endeavour to incorporate a free content offering to further build upon and strengthen our audience. Talent selection will be strategic, with a view to tap into their audience ahead of a relevant & upcoming international guest. 

Case study & 
key learnings

On Saturday 16 May, we produced an online event that saw Meshel Laurie and Emily Webb bring their hugely popular podcast Australian True Crime to the screen for a special video live-stream event. The virtual event was in place of a planned national tour that could no longer go ahead due to COVID-19.

Fan-favourites Ron Iddles and Narelle Fraser took centre stage for a highly anticipated 'In Conversation' which saw them discuss their most interesting and high-profile stories from decades on the job, followed by an audience Q&A.

The concept was incredibly well-received by fans, with positive sentiment observed online and almost 3000 tickets sold.

Key learnings:

• If the talent and show content is compelling enough, fans are more than happy to pay for this type of event
• We got the ticket prices right ($14.90 early bird / $19.90 final release)
• Ideally we extend the promotional period to 2–3 weeks for future events
• Around 10–15% of viewers experience tech issues at the beginning of the show. These issues have been identified, addressed and will be rectified for future events.
• This audience wasn't very tech savvy and there was some confusion around how the live stream would work. Whilst this is to be expected, for future events we will look to provide more troubleshooting and instructional information ahead of the show.
• Feedback around the show content was very positive, with the talent and fans expressing their enjoyment of the event
• Viewers favoured the conversation and Q&A segments, next time will look to reduce the length of the intro and place more focus on the Q&A in particular
• Important that the ticket allows people to watch the replay as well as the live show — 'Watch Live or Watch Later' message to be reinforced throughout the campaign.

The format

An in-home live entertainment experience.

The format follows that of a traditional in-person event. After a short keynote from the headline talent, the host moderates a conversation centring around the main theme/topic before finishing with an audience Q&A.

The host and local talent broadcast from live in-studio, with international guests appearing on the backing LED screen via video link.

The revenue model is Pay Per View. Fans can 'Watch Live or Watch Later', with their ticket being valid for the live show + replay.


An end-to-end TEG Dainty production

  • 1.

    Lineup curation
  • 2.

    Event launch
  • 3.

    Marketing & PR
  • 4.

    Sponsorship & partnerships
  • 5.

  • 6.

    Customer / audience management
  • 7.

    Tech & production
  • 8.

    Event delivery

TEG Dainty produces and promotes shows across Australia and New Zealand, the United States, United Kingdom, South East Asia and South Africa. Paul Dainty, President and CEO of TEG DAINTY, was awarded an AM in the Queen’s Birthday 2017 Honours list for his significant service to the entertainment industry as a producer and promoter of national concert tours, theatre and events.

Paul Dainty's tours have included Guns N’ Roses, Katy Perry, Michael Bublé, Bon Jovi, Eminem, Paul McCartney, Rolling Stones, George Michael, U2, Prince, Yusuf (Cat Stevens), Neil Diamond, Tony Bennett, Hugh Jackman, Jersey Boys, Mamamia!, Billy Crystal's 700 Sundays, Hairspray the Musical, Singing in the Rain, Fire Fight Australia Bushfire Relief Concert and many more.

TEG Dainty’s unrivalled reputation for touring the biggest and brightest names and Nice Events’ early adoption of emerging platforms and niche talent trends have been consolidated to form a unified TEG Dainty comedy & speakers division that services the full range of comedy offerings from emerging talent through to theatre and arena level artists.

Comedy & Speakers recent and upcoming: Jerry Seinfeld, Oprah, Sebastian Maniscalco, Jonathan Van Ness, Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, Chris Rock, Dita Von Teese, Last Podcast On The Left, Tracy Morgan, Stuff You Should Know Podcast, Theo Von, The Minimalists, Australian True Crime Podcast, Making a Murderer, The Staircase and more.